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SpotOn Virtual Fence -GPS Technology for Pet Containment

SpotOn Virtual Fence

SpotOn Virtual Fence, We love our pets. We want to protect our pets to stay connected with us and be safe.
Then, what should we do about this?
Many of us have already fenced our dogs around our yard to keep us and our dogs safe.
However, sometimes we can’t afford to fence in a big yard, so we can cover the entire
yard without any trouble.
But the SpotOn GPS Fence comes in handy; the system is completely virtual. SpotOn
Virtual Fence can be the best choice for those who care about their dogs.
To help you make the right decision, we have the SpotOn Collar GPS Smart Dog Fence for
everyone. Scroll down for the review!

GPS Dog Fence and Collar, Wireless of SpotOn Virtual Fence

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, you can’t do any better than SpotOn
GPS dogs fence. It’s easy to use, flexible and reliable.
Its wireless capability provides a high tech solution. It’s easy & hassle free, allowing you
to create boundaries and provides the true location of your dog. You can create, save &
edit GPS fences for your dogs using your phone.
You can add keep-out zones where you don’t want them to roam. You can now make
fences at home without the need to install any hardware.

SpotOn Virtual Fence

SpotOn Virtual Fence

How it works

You can manage it at your fingertips; they offer a 90-day money back guarantee, so you
can return it. You will absolutely love it, just try it.

  1. Make your territory
    You can draw a simple fence in the app and keep out the zone where you don’t want
    your dog to roam.
  2. Train your dog
    It has a program developed by trainers. You can teach your dog when you spend quality
    time with them using our spotOn training system.
  3. Live life unleashed
    You can be set up in just a few minutes & can manage it with your phone. With this
    fence, let your dog roam free at home.

Add boundary boost

If your dog leaves the fence, you get notified within seconds, and you can manage it with
your phone to track and recall your dog. It activates a light on the collar to add visibility
at night

Best for:
High-class looks precise with GPS location & many more features.

Fences boundaries: From ½ acre to 100,000 acres
Colors: Grey, Black, Light Blue + More
Network: 128 satellites

Key specifications

Brand SpotOn GPS
Color Gray
Closure type Pull On
Target Species Dog
Included Components Battery


  • Many color preferences
  • Long battery life
  • Active dual feed antenna
  • Available in any size & shape
  • Easy to use
  • More durable & portable
  • Reliable, accurate & flexible
  • Improve your dog’s behavior
  • Smart advance fence & collar
  • Activity tracking & recalling


  • Couldn’t prevent hazards
  • Need cell coverage
  • Not designed for tiny yards
  • Quiet expensive

Is spoton a good dog fence?

SpotOn Virtual Fence is a wireless dog fence system for dogs that is wireless and uses GPS technology. While it has gathered positive surveys from some canine proprietors, its adequacy can shift given elements, for example, GPS signal strength, landscape, and preparation. Any dog fence system, including SpotOn, is only as good as its training methods and the dog’s temperament and breed. Moreover, taking into account highlights, customization choices, client service, and cost is fundamental while assessing if SpotOn is a decent canine wall answer for explicit necessities. Careful exploration, understanding surveys, and looking for proficient direction can help decide whether SpotOn or an elective framework is the most reasonable decision.

How does spoton fence work?

The SpotOn wall framework uses GPS innovation to make a virtual control region for dogssystem comprises of a versatile transmitter unit (base station) and a GPS-empowered restraint worn by the canine. Utilizing a versatile application or an electronic connection point, you can characterize the limits by choosing explicit focuses or drawing shapes on a guide. The GPS restraint ceaselessly speaks with GPS satellites to decide the exact place of your canine continuously. It utilizes the procured GPS signs to follow the canine’s developments.

How much does a spoton GPS fence cost?

The expense of a SpotOn Virtual Fence GPS wall fluctuates relying upon the particular framework and any extra frill or elements included. By and large, the SpotOn wall framework can go from a couple hundred bucks to more than 1,000 bucks. It is fitting to check the authority SpotOn site or approved retailers for precise and modern estimating data in light of your particular necessities.

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