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What is Digital Circuits I Types of Digital Circuits with Examples

Digital circuits

Decoding the World of Digital Circuits: An In-Depth Look at Types and Examples

What is Digital Circuits

Digital circuits are known as the foundation of modern electronics. They can be found in our phones, computers, cars, and a variety of other things. Binary logic is used in digital circuits. Precision and speed are key advantages over analog circuitry of digital circuits

Logic gates are constructed using transistors and other electronic parts in digital circuits. Logic circuits like adders, multiplexers, counters, and decoders can be created by combining logic gates.

An electronic circuit known as a “digital circuit” employs discrete amounts of information, such logic levels (i.e., not a continuous range as in an analog circuit),

There are two main types of digital logic circuits in digital electronics. It was first started up by designing later vacuum tubes, TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic, Emitter coupled logic, and CMOS logic relays.

Types of Digital Circuits

The digital circuits are divides into two types, which are as follows:

  1. Combinational logic circuits.
  2. Sequential Logic circuits.

Combinational Logic Circuits.

Digital Circuits
Complex Digital Circuits
  • In combinational logic circuit the output only depend upon the current input valus
  • It only uses logic gates.

Types Of Combinational Circuit

  • Arithmetic and logical combinational circuits.
  • Data handling
  • Code converting

Arithmetic and logical combinational circuits.


These are Adders, Substractor, Multipliers, Comparators


Binary multiplication works just like normal multiplication. There are four main rules that are quite simple to understand:

0 X 0 = 0

0 X 1 = 0

1 X 0 = 0

1 X 1 = 0

Binary Multiplication
Digital Circuits
Complex Digital Circuits
Two binary digits A1A0 and B1B0

Based on the above equation, we can see that we need four AND gates and two half adders to design the combinational circuit for the multiplier. The AND gates will perform the multiplication, and the half
adders will add the partial product terms. Hence the circuit obtained is as follow


Digital Circuits
Complex Digital Circuits
4-bit multiplier using multiplication method

Data handling combinational circuits


These are Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, priority encoders,decoders


A multiplexer is a digital combinational logic circuit that features ‘n’ input channels and a single output. Its primary function involves linking one of the input channels to the output line based on a control signal.


Digital Circuits
Complex Digital Circuits

n = 2^m

We can refer to a multiplexer with the terms MUX.

Since it’s select one input lines and send it to output, it is also known as “data selector.”

Truth Table of Multiplexer
Digital Circuits
Complex Digital Circuits
Truth Table of Multiplexer


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