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Apple ☠ Skull Emoji

Skull emoji

Apple Skull Emoji

What is skull emoji?

This a whitish-gray cartoonist human skull with large black eye sockets
known as ‘skull emoji’.

What does this emoji mean 💀 ☠?

Its expressions show a sign of figurative death like frustration.

skull emoji


Apple skull emoji PNG


Apple emoji PNG is a different type of skull emoji, don’t confuse it with the emoji and skull and crossbones. Their applications may overlap. People may
confuse both the emojis skull and crossbones, both are different from each other and
shouldn’t be misunderstood.
You can copy and paste an emoji and the text version too. The Internet gives
you all a variety of emojis copy and paste anywhere. By following the steps of any
website about Apple emojis, you will be able to get many emojis to copy and paste
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skull emoji


skull and crossbones

skull emoji


This emoji meme “meant to imply death or the paranormal“, Richard Dawkins
introduced memes as a unit of cultural information spread by imitation, meaning verbal,
visual, and the internet

Did Apple change the skull emoji?


skull emoji


The old apple emoji is now replaced with the new one. The most immediately
noticeable change in skull features is “it now features a jaw”, as you can see above.

Why use the skull emoji?

This emoji specifies high or wild laughter or joy means you laughed so hard that
you died
. You can use the skull emoji for a funny response. The skull faces emoji apple is
used to mean death or danger as well as creepy or spooky. You can either send this
emoji as its own, with a laughing emoji, or even directly. The skull face shows a horrific

What does skull emoji mean?

Sometimes we use it as ” I’m dead right now “, but it doesn’t mean the actual death.

It means a funny gesture that “I’m dead or my death is on the way“.

It’s also called “Ghost Icon

The skull is available as an apple emoji. Don’t need to be confused with
the skull and crossbones, application may overlap



Symbol 💀

Unicode Name Skull

Unicode Number r U+1F480

HTML Code 💀

CSS Code \1F480

Unicode Block 💀 Diverse symbol

Unicode Subblock Fairytale symbol

Unicode Version 6.0 (2010)

Emoji Version 1.0 (2015)

Emoji Category Smiley emotion

Emoji Subcategory Angry face

Skull and crossbones

Unicode character U+2620

Uses in Digital Communication


  • Social Media and Text Messaging
  • Memes and Pop Culture References
  • Expressing Individuality and Attitude



This emoji has evolved into a powerful visual symbol, transcending its traditional associations with death and mortality. Its widespread popularity across digital platforms reflects its versatility in communicating various emotions and ideas.


Q1. Can the emoji be used to represent danger or warnings in digital communication? Yes, the emoji is often used to convey a sense of danger or warnings in digital communication.

Q2. Are there cultural differences in the interpretation of the emoji? Yes, the interpretation of the skull emoji can vary across different cultures and regions.

Q3. Is the emoji primarily associated with Halloween? While the emoji is more prevalent during the Halloween season, it is used year-round for various purposes.

Q4. How has the rise of social media influenced the popularity of the emoji? The widespread usage of social media has contributed to the increased popularity and widespread adoption of the skull emoji in digital communication.

Q5. Can the emoji be used to express humor or individuality? Yes, the emoji can be used to express dark humor, individuality, and a mysterious or rebellious attitude.

Q6. What is the skull emoji ID?

Skull Emoji (U+1F480)




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